Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Granville 1/12/16 Recap

We had another small game at the Granville last night with only three teams. Despite the small number of teams we still had a good time. It was rough getting going for our teams, but we pulled through. After round one our eventual winner, The Granville-billies, took the lead and never looked back. We are still waiting on the gift certificates to come in so our winner last night walked away with $25. Hopefully, next week we will move forward with our winners taking away a $25 gift certificate. Still a great time to come out to the Granville.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Four Pegs 1/10/16 Recap

The snow may have kept a small number of our teams away last night, but we had plenty of newcomers to make up for it. The first couple of rounds were a little rough. Even through the third round, which is normally the turning point for are more difficult games. Last night's teams waited until round four before making their move. if was our abbreviation & acronyms round that got everyone on board. Last night's winners made the best of a rough round one to grab the lead and never let it go. The closest 2nd place got was a tie in the later rounds before falling to our winners who put up a near perfect last round, 45 out of a possible 50. Congratulations to our winners, Forever Alone & Friends.

Forever Alone & Friends

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Granville 1/5/16

We had a small game to start the new year at the Granville after our three week hiatus. First round was rough, but our three teams rebounded from there with perfect scores the next two rounds and good scores the rest of the way. Three seemed to be the theme of the night, three teams, 3 common bonds, and movie three-scriptions. Our returning team, the Honeybadgers, jumped off to a quick lead and held that until round 5, but there victory was snatched from them in the last round by the winners, Welcome Back, Kotter.

You can see the victors sporting their spoils from the win $25. Starting next week our 1st place team will be receiving a $25 gift certificate along with swag. Great time to join us at the Granville.

Welcome Back, Kotter

Monday, January 4, 2016

Four Pegs 1/3/16

Happy New Year! 

We had a great first game of the year last night. Several teams jumped off to a great start with near perfect scores. We had several teams carry those strong start throughout the game. We had a fun Bears and Bears and Bears round. Which may have given our winners, Sad News Bear, a bit of an advantage.

Sad News Bear & Bartender Brent
When everything was said and done we had a tie for second place that came down to a tie-breaker. The closest team, Bed, Bath, and Beyonce, walked away with second place.

How much money has been spent attempting to bring Matt Damon back from distant places? A Lot!