Thursday, May 28, 2015

Playing Catch Up

It's been a busy couple of weeks. We're working on getting some new venues and many of us have been doing some early-summer traveling. Schedules are nearly back to normal, so maybe we'll jump back on the blog a little more often. We're also working on a couple of new ideas for the blog and we're hoping to revive Movie Monday and Fun Fact Friday very soon. Until then, here's a quick recap of a few games from the recent past.

Last night was Waterfront Wednesday, the one event in Louisville that completely and consistently drains attendance at trivia. Both Molly's and The Bard's Town had 10 teams. A truly sad showing.

The Blues round was very polarizing! Teams either loved it or hated it, which is a huge improvement over last week's one hit wonders of the 60's, which was so universally hated that it is safe to say, everybody is tired of one hit wonders in the music rounds.  There won't be any of those for a long time.  The movie mash-up round was a hit!  Even if the teams didn't get the answer right, everyone enjoyed the storylines.  Overall, a great and fun week!

Over at Molly's the winning team was What Appears to be a Drawing of a Penis.  They took an early lead and never let go.  With an insane score on the last round like the one they had, we're not entirely convinced they have an actual baby in the carrier but a Google computer disguised as a baby!  Secret weapon perhaps?

What Appears to be a Drawing of a Penis

At The Bard's Town, Say Our Name, Bitch won the game by 11 points. We didn't get a picture, but you can see their winning photo from last week posted below. They've won plenty of times. We had a tie breaker for second and third. Even though they didn't win (they placed fifth with two other teams), He Liked It and Put a Ring on It was by far the best team name this week. Congrats to the newly engaged couple, Anna and Michael.
Say Our Name, Bitch

Tie Breaker Question: Did you know, according to something we saw on the History Channel a few years ago, if a man uses a cell phone for four hours a day, on average, his sperm count decreases by 25%? Who knew? And we've got no clue if that's 25% reduction each day or over his lifetime. That's just the number given to us by that random TV show.

Tuesday night at The Granville it was a very close game. For the bulk of the game almost all of the teams were within 5 points of each other. Stephen Hawking Karaoke Machine started off strong with 2 perfect rounds. The first 2 rounds went over well with everyone as we had really good scores in those rounds. Things slowed down during the picture round, but it was a hard fought battle until the very end. Murder is All She Wrote took the game in the last round after playing second fiddle most of the game.

Murder is All She Wrote
At Molly's on Tuesday, it was a good match up and one of the two teams with Duggar-themed names (19 Counts of Molestation and Counting) ended up winning after scoring 37 in the final round. We got a kick out of The Moops, though. Not surprisingly, people especially enjoyed the beer round, though the Brewer/Brewster question stumped a lot of folks, as did the beer that made Milwaukee famous.
19 Counts of Molestation and Counting

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Weekend Trivia

We had trivia scheduled for last night.  At first it was a bit touch and go as to whether or not we would have trivia or not. Four Pegs made the call to go ahead and start trivia and it was by far the best decision. We went from having an empty bar to having 8 teams. We had a close game through out with the lead going back and forth and a three-way tie going into the last round.  By far the Rhyme Time round was a crowd favorite. We hit a snag with the picture round, but the teams rebounded to finish strong.  When the dust settled the winner was Malnourished Reindeer.

Malnourished Reindeer

Monday, May 18, 2015

Four(ever) Alone and Pegs

We had small but energetic crowd at Four Pegs last night, and the Slugger Museum prizes were a hit (pun completely intended). People enjoyed the candy picture rounds, though many teams mistook Mounds for Almond Joy. The Americana round also went well, though the street questions proved to be tough. Six rounds weren't enough to decide a winner though, and it came down to a tiebreaker question. At the end of the day, Forever Alone & Bears was the winner, barely outlasting Forever Alone & Friends by getting closer to the answer of our tiebreaker question, which was "how many days a year does the temperature fall below freezing in Flagstaff, Arizona."

Forever Alone & Bears

Friday, May 15, 2015

Weekly Recap

Tuesday night was another small game at the Granville. The good news is that we were able to get some of the Granville employees in the game playing. It was a back and forth game between two teams with the Granville-billies pulling out the win in the last round.

Over at Molly's, most folks confused St. Nicholas with St. Jude (simple mistake), did better than expected in the Keri Russell round, and knew more about the Bo Knows commercials than we would have thought. Several teams competed for the win, but in the last round, We Don't Know dominated.

We Don't Know

We moved things around on Wednesday. Chris is now at Molly's and Ben is now at The Bard's Town. We'll see how that works out.

Things seemed to go well The Bard's Town. We had 13 teams, which is a big improvement from the past couple of weeks (we'll blame the Derby events and great weather). The fictional games round was tough, but people enjoyed the '90s alternative Weird Al polka round. Not many Google+ users, but at least that question resulted in a lot of creative answers. If She Were Shorter and Shaved the Mustache started a bit slow but walked away a winner this week.

At Molly's, we had 15 teams! It was a very tight game with the leaders going back and forth all night. The  Louisville Strugglers had an amazing last round, taking them from 8th all the way to second but they were unable to hold off the Sea Shanties and Wet Panties, who took hold of the prize.

Sea Shanties and Wet Panties

At Great Flood Brewery, we had a smaller turn out than last week, but we finally got the sound worked out. There was a lot of uproar about a couple of the answers (The Beatles question, the Bears 1985 Super Bowl win). In the end, Natalie Portmanteau reigned victorious.

Over at DiOrio's, The 2 Non Blondes defeated 10 other teams. What, you guys thought two women couldn't dominate a sports and rec round?

The 2 Non Blondes

Monday, May 11, 2015

Four Pegs Recap - 5/10/15

We had a packed house for the first time since the weather made a turn for the better. It was great to see some returning teams and mostly new teams. It was a very close game through out with there being a two or three way tie for first almost all the way to the end. When all of the questions were asked and all of the answers tallied the winner was once again Beercat. Congratulations!

Beercat takes the win again.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cinco de Mayo Recap

It was Cinco de Mayo last night, which means the crowds were a bit smaller, but we still have a few teams show up who weren't interested in the typical tequila shots and Mariachi music vibe.

At Molly's, the game went fast. With only 11 teams, it was one of the smallest crowds we've seen in a while. I maybe more focused because as I was finishing my regular bourbon and ginger ale one of the teams bought me another. Much appreciated!

The State of TV was a big hit overall, and we'll be doing that round again this week. The audio round, which was a request by one of our teams, was enjoyed by everyone who was alive in the '80s, but at least one of the teams was too young to remember many of the songs. Round Five "In Da Club" was a surprise hit, with the lowest score at 7 points. We had no clear winner throughout the game, as the lead kept changing hands. In the end, We Don't Know grabbed the win with 39 points in the final round.

We Don't Know
It was a hectic game over at The Granville. The first three rounds went well. The music round was fun, but somewhat challenging. We had a VERY rowdy crowd show up later in the game that made the last two rounds very tough, but we got through it. For some reason the crowd hasn't been connecting with the questions as well as in the past resulting in some lower scores. If you have ideas to why, let us know! From the first round, winning team SPIT seemed to dominate the game. Unfortunately, no winning team photo this week.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Star Wars Trivia Night

Yesterday marked the inaugural Star Wars Trivia Night. We had 15 enthusiastic teams in attendance, and these folks were all ready to win!

After a quick summary of the rules, the game began with a relatively easy General Star Wars Trivia round. Fourteen of the 15 teams scored a perfect 10, even with some prequel questions thrown in. Some of them probably used a Force Sticker to reach that perfect score.

In between some of the rounds, we played quick mini-games while the scores were being tallied. The first mini-game was a Sound Like Chewie contest. Though the competition was fierce, Scott proved he was the closest thing to everyone's favorite fuzzball.

#starwarstrivia mini-game Sound-like-chewie
Posted by Louisville Trivia on Monday, May 4, 2015

Scott (on the right) sounded the most like Chewbacca (Image via Jessica Hayth)

Round Two was all about the Original Trilogy. Eight teams scored perfect in that round. Planet names, alien races, and foreign languages threw some of the teams off.

Round Three was the Picture Round. We had seven perfect scores in that round.

Can you answer these 10 questions?
After Round Three, we had another mini-game; Star Wars in Pop Culture. Four names were drawn from our raffle. Those folks were brought on stage, handed buzzers, and asked pop culture questions related to Star Wars. First person to five points won. Apparently the guys we pulled from the raffle don't like Spaceballs or Star Wars puns. After 12 questions, we had our winner.

The Pop Culture Champ (Images via Jessica Hayth)
Round Four was an audio round, asking questions like "Who said this," "Name that movie," and "What's the thing that should be pointed elsewhere."

"Hey. Point that thing someplace else!" (Screenshot)

There were four perfect scores in the audio round, and it was the last round in which any team got all answers correct. There were some sound issues, but the folks in the bar area were diligent and creative in trying to hear the clues.

Round Five was the Behind the Scenes Round. Questions became increasingly more difficult as the round progressed, leading to a question that most teams got wrong. "Nearly all the actors from the original trilogy continued acting after the films. Which actor (or actress) has had the most success if measured by the box office gross from their post-Star Wars filmography?" The answer may surprise you.

Warwick Davis (Image via Star Wars/flickr)
After Round Five was our final mini-game. Alphabetical Star Wars characters. Apparently, jumping up on stage during a specialty trivia night is just as terrifying as trying out for "Jeopardy!." We made it to the letter "D" before our first contestant dropped out. Then we made it to "G." The winning character was General Dodonna.

We made it to C-3PO, then it all went downhill. (Image via Jessica Hayth)

Thank you, General Dodonna! (Image via Jessica Hayth)
Round Six was the final round of the evening titled Jedi Mind Tricks. Designed to be the toughest round of the night, each correct answer was worth five points. Final words, orders of succession, and landing platforms stumped a few teams. At the end, we had to do two tie-breaker questions. One for third place and one for first/second.

Tie-breaker with Tauntaun Rescue Ranch and
This R5 Has a Bad Motivational Poster (Image via Jessica Hayth)

Star Wars Trivia Night Winners
This R5 Has a Bad Motivational Poster
(Image vie Jessica Hayth)

The winning team was This R5 Has a Bad Motivational Poster. As voted by The Bard's Town staff, the Best Team Name was Uncle Owen's Fried Chicken.

Louisville Trivia would like to thank The Bard's Town for supplying the venue on a day they're normally closed. We'd also like to thank The Destination and Andrew Heath for supplying the prizes for the mini-games. And lastly, we'd like to thank Jessica Hayth for taking photos throughout the evening.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Four Pegs Recap

We had a beautiful Sunday night which meant most of the people at Four Pegs were outside enjoying the patio. We did still have several teams who took advantage of our trivia night. It was great to see some new teams again this week. We also love to see our returning teams as well. It was a rough game overall. We had some distractions in rounds 4 & 5 that the bartender was able to take care of. Our winners again this week were Beercat fresh off a bye week.

Beercat wins again!

Playing Catch Up: A Weekly Recap

Last week was busy. Just plain pull-your-hair-out busy. Derby week usually is in Louisville. To top it off, we've got this crazy idea to host a special event for Star Wars Day, which took up even more of our precious time. Hopefully that event goes off without a hitch tonight. So, here are a few quips and a few pics from last week's games.

Wednesday night at Molly's and The Bard's Town we had some special Derby questions, and there was a high variance of results. Most teams seemed to liked it, but one team at Molly's wrote "horse racing is cruelty to animals" on their answer sheet. Fair enough. At The Bard's Town, we had an issue with the betting question and the word "profit." Our mistake.

The 70s music round was a challenge too--many people recognized the songs, but figuring out the artists was a lot tougher. It was also nice to see that we were back up to our normal number of teams this week after Waterfront Wednesday. Molly's winning team The Odd Squad requested no paparazzi, so there's no photo of them this week. At The Bard's Town, Six Hour Peacock snagged the win by a nose.

Six Hour Peacock throwin' up gang signs.
On Thursday, or Thurby as we're apparently calling it now, we had our regular game at DiOrio's and a brand new game at a brand new venue. It was apparently a tough game with some lower than usual scores. At DiOrio's team Bork dominated every round except the last one, but still walked away victorious by a single point.

Also on Thursday, we welcomed Jill to the team as she hosted our inaugural night at Great Flood Brewing Company. We're working on perfecting the sound, and may move our setup, but overall it went fairly well. We had seven teams finish the game with Pepcid Posse in the lead at 60 points. We're looking forward to seeing you fine folks again this Thursday.

Pepcid Posse