Monday, October 19, 2015

Four Pegs Recap 10/19

We are back to posting. It has been a busy month. We had a small crowd last night at Four Pegs, but pretty much everyone in attendance was playing trivia. We had an up and down game pretty much dominated by our bear teams from the start. The original bear team has expanded to the point that we now have two different teams each week. It was a close match with the two teams tied most of the game. One half of the equation took the lead in the 4th round, but lost the game by one question. Thanks to a song from Hey Arnold our winning team knew that Stan Laurel's partner was Oliver Hardy. They were the only team to get that one which pushed them to the win. Congratulations, Shake It Like A Polar Bear Picture.

Shake It Like A Polar Bear Picture

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Movie Trivia Night

Addicted to action films?

Know your noir?

Specialized in sci-fi?

Remember your rom-coms?

Are you a film fanatic?

Have a movie memory?

Come and test your movie knowledge!

WHAT: Movie Trivia Night

WHERE: Sky Bar at Saints. 131 Breckenridge Ln., Louisville, KY

WHEN: Monday, October 26, 2015. 8:00 PM.

HOW MUCH: $20/person (includes buffet, drinks not included)

PRIZES: Movie tickets! Movie posters! More!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Four Pegs Recap 9/20/15

Yesterday was a beautiful day. So rather than stay cooped up inside we moved trivia to the back patio. We only had five teams. The atmosphere was very low key and relaxed yesterday which makes for an easy going game.  With the exception of our host, Brandon, reading the answer to one of the questions the game went off without a hitch. We had a close game all the way through with our winners, Alien vs. Pedobear aka the Bear Team, taking a early lead and holding the teams off throughout the game to take the crown. Hopefully, next week will be just a beautiful outside and we can have another al fresco trivia night.

Alien vs Pedobear (the Bear Team)

Monday, September 7, 2015

Four Pegs Recap 9/6/15

This week was a holiday week so we went into Sunday's trivia game assuming to have a small crowd. Boy, were we wrong!. The bar was packed with people ready to play trivia. It was standing room only. As a matter of fact, there was no where to sit for our trivia host, Brandon. Luckily, a lovely couple gave up their seats so we were able to get started. The game got off to a strong start for mostly everyone. We had several teams start with nearly perfect scores and one team who did have a perfect score. Round 2 went just as well for our teams with one again having a perfect score. As a matter of fact, the same team that grabbed the lead from the beginning never let it go.  Our winners last night were We Started From The Bottom and Now We Are Bear or as I like to call em, the Bear Team.

We Started From The Bottom and Now We Are Bear

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

2015 Trivia Bowl Registration - September 16

Trivia Bowl Competition
Saints Pizza Pub & Sky Bar
 131 Breckenridge Lane, St. Matthews Station Shopping Center
September 16, 2015
7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Free to play!

Join us to celebrate the Parkinson's Disease community for a fun evening of friendly competition! Sharpen your trivia skills, form your teams, and join Louisville Trivia and the Parkinson Support Center for the 2015 Trivia Bowl. There is an option to purchase raffle tickets for $10.00/person with proceeds supporting people with Parkinson's and their family members.
It is free to participate with no limit to the number of teams or the number of team members.

Click HERE for more details and to register for the event. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Four Pegs Recap 8/30/15

We had a smaller crowd than normal for our trivia night. There were fresh faces and regulars alike. From the start we had a battle between two teams of newcomers. This was a battle for the first couple of rounds before Irresponsible Teenagers began to pull away from the pack. Thanks in part to almost perfect scores in the Same Name and Audio rounds.  They led the pack right up until the last round where our winners, Schmidtlapse, took the game with an impressive final round. It just goes to show you that you should always prepare for the final round and make sure you are looking into the secret question.

Great Job to our new winners, Schmidtlapse!


Monday, August 24, 2015

Four Pegs Recap 8/23/15

We had another GREAT night of trivia last night at Four Pegs! The bar was packed with trivia teams. It was great to see. From the start we had good scores across the board. It would be hard to pick a round that was the crowd favorite because everyone scored really well. After the first two rounds it looked like the game would shape up to be a two-horse race with two teams fighting all the way to the finish. In the end the winner was crowned by less than five points. After having a tie for almost every round out winner, Forever Alone & Friends, finally took the outright lead when it was needed.


Forever Alone & Friends
On a side note. I would like to apologize for everyone in attendance last night for my atrocious Rain Man impression. I am sorry you had to sit through that multiple times.  - Brandon

Monday, August 17, 2015

Four Pegs Recap 8/16/15

We had a great, close trivia game last night at Four Pegs. We had a tie game at the end of almost every round. Most teams put up strong scores through Round 4. It was in the 5th round that we had some teams falter. Our 5th round these week was a math round, The Number After 2, with most questions being a math problem that had a 2 in the answer where we were looking the number after the 2 in the answer. After the last question in our math round, it turns out the most teams need to brush on on the periodic table as well.

After all was said and done our winner, Trivia Newton John, led almost start to finish, with the exception of our Math Round. The final score had Trivia Newton John one point ahead of 2nd place. When asked, her response was, " I only knew one horse constellation." Turns out one was enough.  Oh yeah, not only was one question enough, but one team member was enough. Our wining team consisted of just one member.

Trivia Newton John

Monday, August 10, 2015

Four Pegs Recap 8/9/15

We had another great game of trivia last night at Four Pegs. We had two teams tied at every turn last night and had to resort to a tiebreaker to settle it. It was very exciting! Like most games, things started out strong for most teams, scoring very well in the first round. Our second round was rough on a lot of the teams. Apparently, the crowd last night, were not big fans of  The Simpsons.

             The Simpsons

Our Picture Round in Round 3 was a chance for most of our teams to rebound moving into the 2nd half of the game. Things stayed tight for the whole game for most of the teams. Our Urple round was not as much fun for most teams as it sounded. Apparently, everything purple is not high up on everyone's priority list. After everything was said and done we still had two teams tied for first place, P.K. Mafia & Cocaine Cowbears. So we went to a tiebreaker.

With a guess of 3300 km, Cocaine Cowbears took the win. 

Cocaine Cowbears

Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Fun

Hello friends! This is yet another installment of Friday Fun Trivia Breakdown. Welcome aboard to the wacky realm of uncovering trivia mysteries. I have picked a trivia question from the Tuesday night round (Dundee Gastropub! 8pm!) and lets see what we can find out!

This week I'm doing something a little bit different. I picked a question from the picture round! It was a picture of Adam Sandler! I think everyone got it right because his image is burned into our brains at birth. For me, Adam Sandler brings up a more philosophical question: why does everyone hate Adam Sandler?

I began my search with a quick google search that revealed many others are confused as well. There were a ton of Yahoo Answers and odd websites all asking the question. Many were confused, how could you hate the Wedding Singer?

Many critiques on Adam focus on how he is old news, lazy, one-dimensional, and plays the same role over and over and over again. I kept reading different articles with the same complaints but halfway through I realized they were all about different movies. Every review is different but every review is the same.

Sony hates Adam. Actors in his movies hate him because he's racist and he's sexist. He's coming to netflix and we all hate that. His latest movies have flopped so hard I have never even heard of them (Blended? The Cobbler?). His latest film, Pixels flopped as well and according to a critic is "Much like the worst arcade games from the era that inspired it, Pixels has little replay value and is hardly worth a quarter." Ouch! Ouch!

I'll be honest, I hate the guy. Lots of people hate him, really. Why does he keep making movies? Why on earth would you hire this guy? In reality, Sandler is just laughing at the critics all the way to the bank. People still love him and his movies that do terrible still succeed somehow (mostly through DVD sales! ha!). Anyways I'm sure he seems like a good guy.

See y'all around kids. If you want more movie related information, please look into why the new Stonewall movie is terrible

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Dundee Gastropub 8/4/15 Recap

It was another great evening at Dundee Gastropub! Everyone was slightly dripping from the storms and we didn't have to worry about anyone using their phones because of all the cell outages. We all hunkered down and enjoyed a few rounds of good ol trivia.

It was a hard few rounds for the players with a low scoring game. In fact, the last round, all teams only scored two points! They were some hard questions though, so I'm withholding judgement (you should too!).I mean who really knows how many toes an ostrich has? Who knows what tubetini is? It is the coolest word to say though, tubetini. Say it with me now!

 The winners for the evening were the well named team AT&T End Times. Here they are pictured, doing something weird with their hands. I guess that is what winners do. 

See y'all next week! Stay dry and stay connected!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tuesday Night Recap - Molly's 8/4

It was an interesting night at Molly's starting with some behind-the-scenes mishaps and some crazy weather. We lost our power cord for the sound system. It just vanished. Luckily, it was easily replaced in time to start the game. We had a downpour moments before the game began with harsh lightning all evening. That's not something you like to see when you're holding a wired microphone for two hours.

The game itself was fairly straightforward, but we did have a team stand out from the rest. We Don't Know dominated the first four rounds with a perfect game. They missed two questions in the fifth, and barely held onto the lead at the end of the game (and if you ask the second place team, who lost by only three points, it all came down to bad wording on a Round 6 question).

Folks seemed to enjoy the Possessive Movie Title round, despite the trick question of Monster's Ball vs. Monsters, Inc. or University. The Pee Wee's Big Adventure audio clue brought audience participation, applause, and laughter. That's what we aim for!

I forgot to get a photo of the winning team tonight with my own camera, but I did take a picture with one of theirs, so maybe they'll post it. I did grab a shot of that Granita I was enjoying. Mixed berry and rum? Thank you, I'll have another!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Four Pegs Recap

Brandon was back for another great round of trivia after a weekend off. We had a strong start for a couple of teams with several teams coming in at 9 for the first round. Our Famous Doctors round was meet with cheers, but not the scores to back it up. I think our crowd was hoping for a Dr. Who round and not famous Doctors. We will know for next time. The picture round saw an increase in scores with a lot of teams getting close to a perfect score.  Our "Pen" is Mightier round was a crowd favorite. If you have never seen the SNL clip, I would highly recommend it. Funny TV, PG, but funny. Our "G" ology round was great. It is amazing how many of the answers looked the exact same in our contestants handwriting! We had an extremely close game going into our last round with most of our teams being within 10 points of each other. Sadly, the last round was a rough round with the high score being a 25.

After all the questions were answered and all the score tabulated it was Forever Alone & Friends back at the top of the leaderboard.

Forever Alone & Friends - Winners once more

Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Fun

Greetings! Hello! Here is our weekly installment of Friday Fun. I pick a question and pretty much talk about whatever I want. You leave with more information than you may have wanted. I pick from Tuesday questions, because I'm at Dundee Gastropub at 8pm every Tuesday. Come say hello, answer questions incorrectly, and drink to your misery!

This week I pulled the first question from round five on the theme of video games.

Q:What famous wagon route has been turned into several variations of a video game, where players 
may read the phrase, “You have died of Dysentery”?

A: The Oregon Trail

Who doesn't love the Oregon Trail? Many of my childhood years were spent trekking across the country, death nibbling at the children's feet while I shoved candy down my throat. I wanted to find out more about the history of this much beloved game and I came across some depressing information.

The creators of the game, Bill Heinemann, Paul Dillenberger, and Don Rawitsch worked so hard to create this amazing adventure game we all cherish. However, they walked away from the game without making any real money from it. They got ripped off! The world is never fair. This sad fact made me wonder who else in the gaming world got ripped off..

Alexey Pajitnov invented Tetris in 1986 but didn't get any money off of it until 1996. This had something to do with Soviet Russia. Here is useless information: Pajitinov also had a hand in making Yoshi's Cookie (which was not as good as Yoshi at all not even close not at all).

Who created Monopoly? Charles Darrow! Just kidding he totally stole it from a woman (surprise!) by the name of Lizzie Magie. She built a game in 1903 called Landlord's Game which was meant to illustrate how terrible capitalism is. The history of Monopoly is terrible but still not as horrible as actually playing it.

Daisuke Inoue invented the Karaoke machine (not a game but a form of entertainment and embarrassment- so close enough) but never patented it and thus lost out on millions of dollars. However, he did invent and patent a pesticide for karaoke machines so there is that?

Want to relive your youth? Find Oregon Trail and others here. See you kids around!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Four Pegs Recap - July 27

It was another hot summer night at Four Pegs with a great, energetic crowd. Brandon was off celebrating his birthday, so we called in a sub. The game started a bit slow when the highest score in Round 1 was just 7 points. Folks did fairly well on the Geography round. Sadly, New Hampshire touches neither New York nor New Jersey. Teams who missed that one should definitely visit the northeast. Beautiful country up there.

Stupid Vermont!

We got a few teams with 9 points in the Picture Round, but no one knew Flea's real name. Speaking of names, the Guys Named Jeff Round was hit or miss. At least everyone knew Jeff Goldblum.

We present to you, The Goldblum!
Sports? My favorite response was "This ain't that kinda bar!" Speaks for itself. It was Round 5 and that was also the average score for that round. We moved quickly and carefully to our Final Round. most of you guys knew both of the three finger salutes we asked you about (and thanks for your PG answers). There was another sports question that threw most people off. Plant names were a bit difficult. But you guys redeemed yourselves with the final question, another shot at geography.

At the end of the game, even though We Know Jack! and Forever Alone and Friends put up some good fights throughout the night, Polar Bear With Me walked away the winners. (Sadly, I forgot to snap a winning photo, so that Jeff Goldblum pic will just have to do!)

Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Fun

Good day! Welcome aboard to this weekly edition of Friday Fun Trivia Breakdown. I take a question from the previous week, expand on the topic, and you learn valuable lessons. I'm now at Dundee Gastropub on Tuesdays at 8pm (come! drink! eat!) and so I'll be taking from Tuesday's questions.

This week we had some tough questions and I'm picking from the second round. This round was all about Human Anatomy (which I love! surprise!) and I selected question number three.

Q: According to reports, what part of her body has Tina Turner insured for $3.2 million?

A: Her legs

The weird world of body part insurance! Did you know this was a thing? I mean, it makes sense. It just seems pretty wild. How does it work and who else has insured some of their special parts? Lets find out.

First and foremost, the majority of the information we have on who has what insured is not certified true. A lot of it is coated in the language of reportedly and a lot of the sources I found directly conflict. Regardless it seems to be true which is honestly what news is anyways (nothing is real!).

Moving on: it seems a lot of companies and corporations will insurance you/your parts when you are under contract with them. For example, America Ferrara got her teeth insured for $10 million during her Aquafresh contact. If you want to insure your parts yourself, you'll have to shell out the big bucks for a "surplus line" to most likely a company over seas. Apparently Lloyd's of London has facilitated some of these weird celebrity insurance policies. 

Anyways here is what some people insure:

Jennifer Lopez - Butt - $300 Million (This has been denied? sorta?)
Mariah Carey - Legs - $1 Billion
David Beckham - Legs - $70 Million
Michael Flatley -Legs - $40 Million
Keith Richards - Hands - 1.6 Million
Bruce Springsteen - Vocal Chords - $6 Million

What would you get insured? Are our normal body parts worth anything at all? Questions to contemplate as we stare longingly into the terrible Kentucky sun, waiting for the humidity to swallow us whole. See ya next week!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dundee Gastropub Recap 7/21/15

Tonight was our first night at Dundee Gastropub! It was a wonderful time all around. Everyone did great at naming bands and everyone did terrible at remembering much of anything about comic books. Alas, fun was had, drinks were sipped, and food was digested. It was a close game with the winners snatching the title with only two points. Our winners were Family Affair, pictured below with their proud server (far left).

See y'all next week for more trivia that you may hopefully kinda know.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Four Pegs Recap 7/19/15

We had another exciting game at Four Pegs this week. The good news is that Brandon read all of the questions as written so there was no ambiguity. Round one started off great for most everyone. The scores dipped in rounds two and three. The picture round was rough with the dueling pictures. Round four saw better scores for our acronyms. Leading into the last round we had a very close game. Our game ended up being decided by only one point. This week's winner was Bearcula. Or as I like to call them, the Beary Creative Team.

Bearcula - aka - the Beary Creative Team

Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Fun

Hello friends! Here is another installment of Friday Fun Trivia Breakdown. This is the place where you get all the wild trivia information and back stories you never even asked for! This week I am pulling from the trivia tournament because I was there and witnessed the heated debates and battles. Just a fun note, I'll be at the same place (aka the Dundee Gastropub) this coming Tuesday to yell trivia questions at you. Anyways:

I picked question number eight from round four, the "But I Wasn't Even Born Yet!" round. Hopefully y'all knew some history from a long, long time ago.

Q: What name was given to the murders committed in or near the impoverished district in the East End of London between 3 April 1888 and 13 February 1891, mostly attributed to Jack the Ripper? A: A: Whitechapel Murders (took place in or near Whitechapel district) 

Jack the Ripper! Aren't we all familiar with the terror of Jack the Ripper? I sadly don't know enough about the guy. If only I was an expert, I could call myself a Ripperologist.

Yes, this is a thing! Ripperology is the study of Jack the Ripper and all the mystery that comes with it. In fact, there are well over a hundred different theories about who Jack the Ripper was and some people really are into the study of it. There are endless theories concerning a shawl, a diary, some letters, and on and on.

There's a timeline for the history of Ripperology, a magazine, and even a conference for Ripperologists to gather at. I for one, will not be attending this year. 

Ripperology is not alone, there are lots of other weird -ologies:

Campanology- the study of bells
Vexillology- the scientific study of flags
Eschatology- the study of the end, death, and the final destination of the soul!
Tartarology- the study of hell

Man, there is a lot to do in the world! See y'all on the other side. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Four Pegs 7/12/15

Four Pegs was the place to be this Sunday! We had a packed house. We had returning teams and a lot of new faces as well. Round 1 went well for most teams. When we got into round 2 and ran into a snag with our first couple of questions about movies with colons. Apparently, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise all us colons in their titles so there were several correct answers. Even with this ambiguity the scores were kinda of average. With the number of teams we had this week we actually ran out of picture forms for our picture round and had to get creative so that everybody could play. We did discover that Robert Guillaume looks a lot like Don Cornelius, at least according to several of our teams. Our Ladies Night audio round was hit and miss, some teams loved it, some didn't. We had a close game going into our last round. Our game was decided by one question. With our winner Bear!Bear!Bear! pulling out a victory.


Our trivia host, Brandon, also learned an important lesson about fulling reading the questions. The question was supposed to read, "Name the FIRST 5 countries with a McDonald's franchise besides the US." The question asked was, "Name a country with a McDonald's franchise." Our last question went from having 7 possible answers to a possible 118, HUGE difference. Which makes it a little easier than we had originally planned. Sorry about that.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Fun

Hello friends! Welcome back to the weekly installment of Friday Fun Trivia Breakdown. Here we give you weird information and wild back stories from the past week's trivia questions! This week I am pulling from Thursday's game. Next week I will probably pull from our Trivia Tournament. Are you going? Join us on July 14th (next tuesday) at Dundee Gastropub at 8pm. I will be there! Yell at me about sports or your feelings!

Anyways, lets go. This week the fourth round was all about detective fiction. Instead of pulling from one question, I wanted to selfishly focus in on my own favorite detectives. I love murder mysteries (even more than sports!). I love building them, watching them, playing them. Here are some fun facts:

Did you ever watch Diagnosis Murder (1992-2001)? It was on CBS and then it was on PAX (which became Ion? who cares) and then it was on Hallmark and now it lives on in terrible quality on YouTube. The show followed Dick Van Dyke (a doctor) and his real life son Barry Van Dyke (a cop) as they solved crime in their insanely crime ridden town somewhere on a beach.  Apparently Barry's son Shane was on the show at one point which really that is just too much. There were eight seasons, some movies, and hundreds of guest stars. I was watching it the other day and Melora Hardin (Jan from the Office) definitely killed somebody.

None of that is important, what is important is that Dick Van Dyke's life was saved by a pod of porpoises. Apparently one time he was surfing and somehow fell asleep on his board (???how????) and awoke so far away he couldn't see the shore. A swarm of fins surrounded him and instead of death he got a team of porpoises that pushed him back to shore. Dick Van Dyke is so important that even the ocean life knows his immense value!

More mysteries: Have you played Her Story yet? (I joy cried the whole way through!) Have you heard of the Mysterious Package Company? I didn't tell you about it! I didn't!

See you at the tournament! And until next time please remember: you will never be as cool as Dick Van Dyke.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Granville Update 7/7/15

Last night proved that you don't need a large crowd to have fun with trivia. Our game started with another patron of the bar offering to buy a beer if anyone could answer his sports question. After several rounds of open guessing the teams threw in the towel and our host earned the free beer. We only have 3 teams playing last night and for awhile we had the whole bar to ourselves. The first couple of rounds went really well for everyone with the scores being extremely close. Unfortunately, we lost steam in the music round. Our contestants had trouble with our midnight round, even when giving the chance for extra points. Coincidentally enough all of our teams had similar troubles so our scores were still very tight going into the last round. Our game was decided by one question. Our second place team got the question correct and then marked it out for the wrong one opening the door for our winner, Better Late Than Pregnant.  Next week is our Tournament, but we will still be having trivia at Granville for those who are interested.

Better Late Than Pregnant

Tuesday Night Recap - Molly Malone's

It was another busy night at Molly's and a great start to the new season. The team names, while fairly great, were somewhat predictable given the state of current events. Jared from Subway and Bill Cosby were the butt of many jokes.

The first round went well with some fairly high scores throughout. Not enough people knew about Nancy Drew's hometown, though. Round Two gave the group a little R&R, the night's second mention of Robert Redford, and some info about the Hood to Coast Relay Race. Round Three was all about Extreme Sports and a little Vanilla Ice, because why not? At the halfway point, The Revenge of Butt Mustache had risen above the competition and stood alone in the lead.

Next up was the Audio Round, titled "In the Middle of the Night," a title taken from Billy Joel's "River of Dreams," a highly underrated song in my book. The crowd was split (as is usually the case with audio rounds), but there was some common ground with hits like Patsy Cline's "Walkin' After Midnight" and CCR's "Midnight Special." The one that stumped the most teams was Coldplay's "Midnight," a rather haunting auto-tuned song from the band's album "Ghost Stories."

Given the (inter)national fame of Discovery Channel's Shark Week, Round Five was all about the ocean's greatest predators. Being a Round Five category, the questions were a bit tougher, including the question about Back to the Future II (see below) and the one about Damien Hirst's The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living.

At the end of Round Five, The Revenge of Butt Mustache was still in the lead, but only by one point. Round Six, as it is designed to be, was a difficult one. Teams struggled to come up with Hillary and Bill Clinton's granddaughter's name (some said Bart or Joe), the nursery rhyme characters taking a ride in a pea green boat, and the Three Principles of Planetary Motion.

In the end, Butt Mustache failed to achieve the first win of the season. That honor went to In Dog Beers, We've Had Just One, a team that had a strong start, a meager journey through the middle rounds, and a strong finish. The high score was 77.

In Dog Beers, We've Had Just One

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Four Pegs Recap 7/5/15

Obviously a lot of people are still recuperating from celebrating America's birthday or cheering on America's Women Soccer team because we had a small game tonight at Four Pegs. We had a small crowd overall so our bartenders were able to get in on the action. With only three teams it was a very close game from start to finish. There were four points separating 1st and 3rd going into the last round. Tonight's winners, Malnourished Reindeer, put away the competion in the last round scoring 41 points.
Malnourished Reindeer with our bartenders

Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Fun

Welcome back to another round of Friday Fun Trivia Breakdown. In this weekly post I pick a question from a round of trivia this past week (join me on Thursdays at Goodwood! 7:30!) and do my own research. I pull out random facts, wild back stories, and just plain weird information. It's a fun way to learn and expand your ever growing trivia knowledge!

Once again I'm interested in sports (surprise!). This is question number eight from round five:

Q: What is the only NFL team to never use a logo on their helmets?
A: Cleveland Browns

Helmets! Mascots! Oh me oh my! This of course makes sense, as their mascot is some dog named "Chomps" which honestly just begs the question why? I guess Chomps makes more sense than a mascot that is literally just the color brown.

Although the Cleveland Browns will not be becoming the Cleveland Chomps any time soon, they did just make a radical change in their uniforms and helmets. Are you ready? I don't think any of us were prepared for this complete 180. Prepare your eyes for this unbelievable change:

I have truly been shook to my core! I must ask, what brought on such an intense change? According to their site: "The orange is brighter and richer and matches the passion of our fans and city. The brown is unchanged." What a truly wild ride. Glad they got that passion.

While Cleveland is pulling out all the stops, some teams drag their feet when it comes to changing any thing about their team. Lets talk about the Washington Redskins. Now they are not the only team with a terribly outdated (when was it ever a good idea?) and racist mascot, but they are most likely the most hated. There is an entire campaign against them. Etsy has banned sales of any items with the name or mascot. Going even further, the Obama administration will likely block the team's ability to build a new stadium because of the name. If even the president is calling you out, maybe you need to rethink some things.

In other sports news, why did no one tell me about Diddy? He swung a kettle ball at one of the UCLA football coaches! What in the world is going on!

Til next week, try not to fall asleep watching baseball or golf. Maybe I won't talk about sports next week, maybe I will. See ya soon!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer Tournament Eligibility

Are you eligible to play in the Summer Tournament? Find out here. All scores for the Summer Tournament are final. If you find your team number below, be sure to join us at Dundee Gastropub on July 14 at 8 p.m.

Sunday Scores
Tuesday Scores

Wednesday Scores

Thursday Scores

Granville Recap 6/30

We had a late start to trivia this Tuesday. We waited to watch the USA Women's team pull out a thrilling victory against Germany first. After the "USA" chats died down we were able to get started. We had a small but dedicated crowd stay for trivia. We had a couple of returning teams, a new team, and a visiting team from Molly Malone's. We did run into some snags with our Last Line Round. Apparently, most of the movies came out before the bulk of our contestants were born which led to some funny answers that can't be repeated.

We Don't Know
Our visiting team, We Don't Know, took the lead early and never let it go.  The rest of our teams put up a fighting pulling close to our leader several times, but ultimately the winning team pulled it out by one correct answer in the final round.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Four Pegs Recap 6/28/15

This week was another great week at Four Pegs. The bar was packed with trivia players again this week and most of our teams were new teams. It was a great game with the score being tied by two or more teams several times throughout the game. Our last line round went over with mixed reviews, but everyone seemed to love TV Tribond. We had a three-way tie going into the final round. Once the answers were turned in and the final scores tabulated. It was Beercat back on top.  Congratulations!

Beercat wins again!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Molly Malone's 6/24/15

This Wednesday, I (Chris) returned from being on a business trip the week before.  Thank you Brandon for filling in while I was called away!  The "Baby-Reference-of-Some-Sort" Team had a makeover this week and re-dubbed themselves the Skinny Jeans Squatters and took the lead from the beginning and never relinquished it for the evening. This team, as well as many of the others on Molly's Wednesdays are as good as any team out there from any venue.  If I were a betting man, I would put my money on one of the Wednesday Molly's teams will take the gold at the tournament next month!

This week was a blast!  The Skinny Jeans Squatters and Don't Trust a Fart, Boatsinker Boobs, and God Bless Beer were among some of the funniest names I've ever heard.  During the audio round, we paused the game after the Conan answer and we gave away door prizes to the person who could come up and do their best Ahhhnold impression.  A member of Team M.O.I.S.T. stepped up to the plate and yelled "Get to the choppuh!". 

It was good to be back, it really was.  I look forward to seeing you all next week.


Friday Fun

Welcome again to Friday Fun! This is a trivia breakdown post where I select a trivia question from the week (from the Thursday game- join me at Goodwood! 7:30!) and investigate the realm further. I trudge up weird facts, terrifying back stories, and give you more trivia to school your friends in.

Let me start off with saying I love sports! It's one of my most favorite thing to watch, engage with, and investigate. If you see me around please argue with me about LeBron (Cry Baby) James, the glory of Teddy Bridgewater, or the terror of football crop top regulations. I have an undying love for basketball and football; and if I am being honest, an intensive hatred of baseball (I'm sorry!). Funny enough, the question of the week is in regards to baseball...

This is the fifth question from round one:

Q: Boston Red Sox third baseman Pablo Sandoval was benched for a game after admitting to doing what while using the bathroom during a game?
A: Checking Instagram

Ah, yes, getting in trouble at work for using your phone. Just like you and me- how quaint. Just kidding, Major League Baseball doesn't have salary caps. In fact compared to us, their work is a whole different ball game (haha!). Without further ado, here's my investigation into the social media policies for major league sports.

Most teams have limits around what the players can say (don't use our logo! don't be racist!) and when they can say it. The majority of the leagues have a set time before and after the game that prohibits any use of phones in general. Times range depending on league anywhere from thirty minutes to hours to until press obligations are fulfilled. Further, other people can't tweet or post for you during the time limitations.

Here are some uses of social media that went wrong:

Back in 2009 when Antonio Cromartie was with the San Diego Chargers, he got fined $2,500 for tweeting about the team's "nasty food."

Former Bengals' player Chad Johnson (previously Ochocinco) wanted to find a way to tweet during the game so he devised a plan for a fan and him to communicate using hand signals and the fan would post for him. Sad to say: this still violated the rules.

Special shout out to LeBron James who has a self imposed playoff social media blackout and yet still found himself on instagram liking a pic. His impact is so big that the woman in the photo will now be pursing modeling (and no she isn't quitting school! I did my research).

Have a good weekend and try to stay out of internet trouble. See you next week!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Twenty Three Teams on the 23rd

It was a busy night at Molly's last night. We had 23 teams playing the game and the place was packed! The first round was well-received, and we even had someone cheer about celiac disease, which was unexpected. The Not Related Picture Round was a big hit with an average score of 9.5. The space round had mixed reviews, but Jurassic TARC nailed it, which rocketed them to the lead (for just that one round). The O.K. Animals round started off fairly easy, but teams quickly realized it wasn't a cake walk. Katydid and Komodo Dragon were the most-missed answers. Teams did fairly well in the final round, but it was I Guess 7 Is Enough that took away the win with a total of 91 points (47 of which were gained in the last round).

I Guess 7 is Enough

Monday, June 22, 2015

Four Pegs Recap Father's Day Edition

With it being Father's Day we had a smaller group for trivia, but it was definitely nice to see the dads out supporting their kids trivia habit. We had some great scores with several perfect scores in the first couple of rounds. The picture round was an overall hit and a very fast round. Our Rhyme Time - Literature Edition was a huge hit with most teams scoring a perfect round. The game as a whole went very quickly right up to the final round.  It was such a close game that it really came down to the end so every team took their time to get as many right as they could. When time was called and the final scores were counted it was Taking Bear of Business crowned our winner.

Taking Bear of Business

Louisville Trivia Summer 2015 Tournament

Who has the smartest team in Louisville? We'll find out July 14 at 8 p.m. at Dundee Gastropub. Our regular league ends on June 30, and the top 10 teams from each venue are eligible to play. The usual rules apply.
  • You can have no more than six members on your team. 
  • Put your phones away at trivia time. 
  • Have fun.
The tournament is always a little different. The winning team gets a $50 gift card from the hosting venue, there are several raffle prizes throughout the evening, and you get to play against some of the smartest people in Louisville that you may have never met.

Could you be the next Louisville Trivia Tournament winner?

If you have questions about your eligibility to play or anything about the tournament in general, just let us know in the comments below or send us a message over at Facebook or Twitter.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Fun

Hello friends! We are back again with our weekly installment of trivia breakdowns. Each week I will pick a question from Thursday night trivia (come visit me at Goodwood Brewing! 7:30 pm!) and explore some of the backstory or just general information on the topic. It's a fun way to gain more knowledge to shove (lovingly) in your friends' faces.

This week I am pulling question number nine from round four with the category of food and drink:

9. If you're working in a diner and the manager tells you to bring a table the twins, he doesn't mean Mary-Kate and Ashley, what does he mean?
A: Salt and Pepper 

I became interested in other diner lingo I have not been exposed to and upon further research, I must admit: I am missing out on a lot of fun. Diner lingo is something unique to America- this type of lingo is virtually unheard of in other countries. It's a niche vocabulary used by the wait staff to convey orders to the cooks in order to speed up the process while making all of us look totally uncool. It varies by region and dialect and is all around just a better way of speaking.

Here are some of my favorite slang from diners across the United States:

Eve With a Lid On- Apple Pie
One on the City- Glass of Water (I would check the boil advisory status before ordering one of these!)
Family Reunion- Chicken and Egg Sandwich
Drag One Through the Garden- add lettuce, tomato, onion
Twist it, Choke it, Make it Cackle- Chocolate Malt with Egg (I think I speak for all of us when I say "ewww")
Mystery in the Alley- Side of Hash (There's actually a fair amount of hash hate: Gentleman will Take a Chance (side of hash), Sweep the Floor (order of hash))
Athlete's Foot- Stewed, Dried Peaches

One thing I have surely learned from this research is the wait staff at a diner is way cooler than I will ever hope to be. That being said, make sure to tip your wait staff well (and your bartenders at your local trivia night!) or else you may be called a George Eddy (a customer who doesn't tip well or at all). Even worse, keep your ears peeled for a Bend the Crab which means to overcharge a customer. 

Good luck out there in the dining world. You'll be safe if you're reasonably nice, unless of course you're eating the hash! Let us know your favorite diner lingo and I will see you all next Friday for another installment of this lovely trivia breakdown. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Molly Malone's Recap 6/17/15

Last night's game at Molly Malone's was a BLAST! Brandon stepped in to cover hosting duties for a smaller crowd or 9 teams. Despite having a smaller group it was a lively group. We were able to play a side game of "Make the Host Giggle" for some prizes and the teams did not disappoint. We had some good scores in the first couple of rounds, but it wasn't until the picture round that we got our first perfect scores with several teams getting all of our talk show hosts. Our audio round was a big hit last night with several teams scoring well if not perfect scores. Nothing was quite as funny as hearing the entire bar singing R Kelly's Bump and Grind. The round was not without some controversy though. The Who song "Baba O'Riley" proved to be a tricky one with some teams guessing the incorrect name of "Teenage Wasteland". We then had a new team join us for the Literature Round. These three gentlemen must have been studying on the way in because they had a perfect score in the Literature Round.

When all was said and done after 6 rounds the score came down to one point. Our winner, Bad Toupee For President, pulled out the victory 66 to 65.  None seemed more surprised then them.

Bad Toupee For President

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Four Pegs Breakdown

It was another "hot" game over at Four Pegs, literally and metaphorically. While the temperature may have been a little elevated in the room the quality of teams certainly was. We had several first place teams trading off throughout the night. We had several teams who scored perfect scores throughout the night. Our TV theme song round was a hit with the crowd with people singing along to their favorites. Oddly enough, the Mr. Belvedere theme song was not well known. The sports round was meet with mixed reviews. Cheers from the team who scored a perfect score and jeers from the team who looked as if they were close to throwing tomatoes at the Host. (For reference, I would have just tossed them back right at ya. :)) 

In the end we had two teams fighting for the win, Grow a Bear and Quizlamic Extremists. It came down to a tiebreaker question. With Quizlamic Extremists getting closer to the number of times "the" was used in the Gettysburg address.
Quizlamic Extremists

Molly Malone's Recap from last Wednesday.  It was a threepeat from the team, renamed to No Baby, No Problem.  How long will the streak last? What's the record? New record perhaps?  The audio round of heavy metal covers was a huge hit! Although people didn't get them all, they thoroughly enjoyed listening to the songs!  I will be gone this coming week as i have a work related conference in Charleston, SC but never fear, I'll be back with another one of my favorite audio rounds.  Hope you all have a good week and be sure to be nice to Scott as he fills in for me next week.  Take care!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Trivia Breakdown!

Greetings trivia friends! Welcome to a new weekly blog installment that will profile one of our trivia questions from the past week (no spoilers!) and give history, fun facts, and weird information about the subject. It’s a fun way to learn more odd trivia to school your pals in.

I will most likely always pull from Thursday questions since that is my night of hosting (come out to Goodwood Brewing! Let me yell at you!). This week I’m pulling from round five, the category was words with “UNCH” in them:

Q: What nautical-themed breakfast cereal from Quaker Oats is popular with kids?
A: Cap’n Crunch

This is a simple enough question but I became curious about the history of the much beloved Cap’n Crunch and down the rabbit hole I went, ending up at their very obscure and demented use of social media.

But before I get to that, it’s vital to know the history of good ol boy Cap’n Crunch. Before he was a Cap’n, he was Horatio Magellan Crunch, born on Crunch Island in the Sea of Milk. His enemy is the barefoot pirate by the name of Jean LaFoote who is always trying to steal the easily purchasable cereal. The Cap'n also apparently battles something called The Soggies, in turn protecting us all from the pitfalls of soggy cereal. Cap’n commands the sea on the S.S. Guppy with his trusted pup, Sea Dog. However, his captain status has recently been called into question as his uniform is more likely that of a commander than a captain. 

That’s not the most interesting oddity at work though. The truly weird stuff happens on social media. Cap’n Crunch, Jean LaFoote and Sea Dog all have their own twitter accounts. Cap’n tweets what you think he would, weird #content that will never actually connect with the #cool #millennials. Sea Dog on the other hand just tweets “howl” over and over again, with multiple letters and random capitalization.

On Jean’s twitter (and in real life) he is forever in pursuit of getting his greedy hands on that sweet cereal. However, his high jinks take a wild and truly depressing turn in June of 2012. Jean Lafoote ends up, well, dead and the terror was live tweeted…

Cap’n Crunch even responds to the death of his nemesis on twitter in a truly cold manner.

Truly great marketing for children’s cereal! See you kids next week. If you have any topics you would like to see explored during this weekly segment please comment and let us know. We also need a catchy name, so send in suggestions! 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Four Pegs Recap 6/7/15

We had another great game of trivia at Four Pegs tonight. We had a couple of new teams tonight and one, I just want to learn came out strong with a perfect score in round one.  They held the lead through round 5, but could not hold off our winners tonight, Forever Alone and Friends.

Forever Alone & Friends
In other news, despite tonight's answers there are other jockeys besides Pat Day. Here is a list for future reference. List of Jockeys

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Goodwood Brewing Recap 6/4/15

Tonight was the first night at Goodwood Brewing and there was a lot more laughter than there were right answers! Just kidding, some teams got some answers right. Participants struggled through categories on dynamic duos, sports, and words with "ex" in them and didn't hesitate to glare at me in confusion!

There was one question that made me want to look up some more information: the physical characteristics of what famous duo known to preschoolers everywhere are modeled after an orange and a banana? This of course is Bert and Ernie; not, as one team guessed, "spongebob and squarepants." Upon some light research I learned that a pair of high-energy neutrinos were named after Bert and Ernie. I don't even know what that really means but it sounds important!

Anyways, special shout out to team Oooh Baracooter for coming out to trivia every week (apologies for my mispronunciation but I did make it up by saying it five times in a row at the end!). Our winner for this evening was team Killer Tomatoes (pictured below). They got a great swag package from Goodwood Brewing. Come out next week and let me make fun of your terribly incorrect answers!

Bard's Town Recap - 6/3/15

Last night, a solid crowd of 15 teams came to play trivia at the Bard's Town. The fun mix of categories in last night's game included a round of identifying TV shows by their major characters, animated scenes in live-action movies, and #1 hits from the late 80s and early 90s. In the game, everybody wanted to rule the world, as many teams Kriss Krossed their way up the leaderboard, but ultimately it Intellectual Chocolate was able to "hold on for one more day," thanks to their perfect score on the final round. Only one of their team members wished to be photographed, but I can assure you they had a full team.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Four Pegs Recap

We had another great night of trivia at Four Pegs last night.  For the first time ever we had a perfect round from every team in round five, our Word Ladder round.  It was a very close game throughout with 5 points separating 1st and last place going into the last round.  It was back and forth between two teams all night, Carrell and Hung Like a Dragon. In the end those teams had to duke it out not once, but twice in a tie-breaker round. Carrell took the tie-breaker round but ended up in second place. Our winner last night, with a come from behind victory, was once again Beercat.


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Playing Catch Up

It's been a busy couple of weeks. We're working on getting some new venues and many of us have been doing some early-summer traveling. Schedules are nearly back to normal, so maybe we'll jump back on the blog a little more often. We're also working on a couple of new ideas for the blog and we're hoping to revive Movie Monday and Fun Fact Friday very soon. Until then, here's a quick recap of a few games from the recent past.

Last night was Waterfront Wednesday, the one event in Louisville that completely and consistently drains attendance at trivia. Both Molly's and The Bard's Town had 10 teams. A truly sad showing.

The Blues round was very polarizing! Teams either loved it or hated it, which is a huge improvement over last week's one hit wonders of the 60's, which was so universally hated that it is safe to say, everybody is tired of one hit wonders in the music rounds.  There won't be any of those for a long time.  The movie mash-up round was a hit!  Even if the teams didn't get the answer right, everyone enjoyed the storylines.  Overall, a great and fun week!

Over at Molly's the winning team was What Appears to be a Drawing of a Penis.  They took an early lead and never let go.  With an insane score on the last round like the one they had, we're not entirely convinced they have an actual baby in the carrier but a Google computer disguised as a baby!  Secret weapon perhaps?

What Appears to be a Drawing of a Penis

At The Bard's Town, Say Our Name, Bitch won the game by 11 points. We didn't get a picture, but you can see their winning photo from last week posted below. They've won plenty of times. We had a tie breaker for second and third. Even though they didn't win (they placed fifth with two other teams), He Liked It and Put a Ring on It was by far the best team name this week. Congrats to the newly engaged couple, Anna and Michael.
Say Our Name, Bitch

Tie Breaker Question: Did you know, according to something we saw on the History Channel a few years ago, if a man uses a cell phone for four hours a day, on average, his sperm count decreases by 25%? Who knew? And we've got no clue if that's 25% reduction each day or over his lifetime. That's just the number given to us by that random TV show.

Tuesday night at The Granville it was a very close game. For the bulk of the game almost all of the teams were within 5 points of each other. Stephen Hawking Karaoke Machine started off strong with 2 perfect rounds. The first 2 rounds went over well with everyone as we had really good scores in those rounds. Things slowed down during the picture round, but it was a hard fought battle until the very end. Murder is All She Wrote took the game in the last round after playing second fiddle most of the game.

Murder is All She Wrote
At Molly's on Tuesday, it was a good match up and one of the two teams with Duggar-themed names (19 Counts of Molestation and Counting) ended up winning after scoring 37 in the final round. We got a kick out of The Moops, though. Not surprisingly, people especially enjoyed the beer round, though the Brewer/Brewster question stumped a lot of folks, as did the beer that made Milwaukee famous.
19 Counts of Molestation and Counting

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Weekend Trivia

We had trivia scheduled for last night.  At first it was a bit touch and go as to whether or not we would have trivia or not. Four Pegs made the call to go ahead and start trivia and it was by far the best decision. We went from having an empty bar to having 8 teams. We had a close game through out with the lead going back and forth and a three-way tie going into the last round.  By far the Rhyme Time round was a crowd favorite. We hit a snag with the picture round, but the teams rebounded to finish strong.  When the dust settled the winner was Malnourished Reindeer.

Malnourished Reindeer

Monday, May 18, 2015

Four(ever) Alone and Pegs

We had small but energetic crowd at Four Pegs last night, and the Slugger Museum prizes were a hit (pun completely intended). People enjoyed the candy picture rounds, though many teams mistook Mounds for Almond Joy. The Americana round also went well, though the street questions proved to be tough. Six rounds weren't enough to decide a winner though, and it came down to a tiebreaker question. At the end of the day, Forever Alone & Bears was the winner, barely outlasting Forever Alone & Friends by getting closer to the answer of our tiebreaker question, which was "how many days a year does the temperature fall below freezing in Flagstaff, Arizona."

Forever Alone & Bears

Friday, May 15, 2015

Weekly Recap

Tuesday night was another small game at the Granville. The good news is that we were able to get some of the Granville employees in the game playing. It was a back and forth game between two teams with the Granville-billies pulling out the win in the last round.

Over at Molly's, most folks confused St. Nicholas with St. Jude (simple mistake), did better than expected in the Keri Russell round, and knew more about the Bo Knows commercials than we would have thought. Several teams competed for the win, but in the last round, We Don't Know dominated.

We Don't Know

We moved things around on Wednesday. Chris is now at Molly's and Ben is now at The Bard's Town. We'll see how that works out.

Things seemed to go well The Bard's Town. We had 13 teams, which is a big improvement from the past couple of weeks (we'll blame the Derby events and great weather). The fictional games round was tough, but people enjoyed the '90s alternative Weird Al polka round. Not many Google+ users, but at least that question resulted in a lot of creative answers. If She Were Shorter and Shaved the Mustache started a bit slow but walked away a winner this week.

At Molly's, we had 15 teams! It was a very tight game with the leaders going back and forth all night. The  Louisville Strugglers had an amazing last round, taking them from 8th all the way to second but they were unable to hold off the Sea Shanties and Wet Panties, who took hold of the prize.

Sea Shanties and Wet Panties

At Great Flood Brewery, we had a smaller turn out than last week, but we finally got the sound worked out. There was a lot of uproar about a couple of the answers (The Beatles question, the Bears 1985 Super Bowl win). In the end, Natalie Portmanteau reigned victorious.

Over at DiOrio's, The 2 Non Blondes defeated 10 other teams. What, you guys thought two women couldn't dominate a sports and rec round?

The 2 Non Blondes