Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Granville 1/5/16

We had a small game to start the new year at the Granville after our three week hiatus. First round was rough, but our three teams rebounded from there with perfect scores the next two rounds and good scores the rest of the way. Three seemed to be the theme of the night, three teams, 3 common bonds, and movie three-scriptions. Our returning team, the Honeybadgers, jumped off to a quick lead and held that until round 5, but there victory was snatched from them in the last round by the winners, Welcome Back, Kotter.

You can see the victors sporting their spoils from the win $25. Starting next week our 1st place team will be receiving a $25 gift certificate along with swag. Great time to join us at the Granville.

Welcome Back, Kotter

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