Monday, August 31, 2015

Four Pegs Recap 8/30/15

We had a smaller crowd than normal for our trivia night. There were fresh faces and regulars alike. From the start we had a battle between two teams of newcomers. This was a battle for the first couple of rounds before Irresponsible Teenagers began to pull away from the pack. Thanks in part to almost perfect scores in the Same Name and Audio rounds.  They led the pack right up until the last round where our winners, Schmidtlapse, took the game with an impressive final round. It just goes to show you that you should always prepare for the final round and make sure you are looking into the secret question.

Great Job to our new winners, Schmidtlapse!


Monday, August 24, 2015

Four Pegs Recap 8/23/15

We had another GREAT night of trivia last night at Four Pegs! The bar was packed with trivia teams. It was great to see. From the start we had good scores across the board. It would be hard to pick a round that was the crowd favorite because everyone scored really well. After the first two rounds it looked like the game would shape up to be a two-horse race with two teams fighting all the way to the finish. In the end the winner was crowned by less than five points. After having a tie for almost every round out winner, Forever Alone & Friends, finally took the outright lead when it was needed.


Forever Alone & Friends
On a side note. I would like to apologize for everyone in attendance last night for my atrocious Rain Man impression. I am sorry you had to sit through that multiple times.  - Brandon

Monday, August 17, 2015

Four Pegs Recap 8/16/15

We had a great, close trivia game last night at Four Pegs. We had a tie game at the end of almost every round. Most teams put up strong scores through Round 4. It was in the 5th round that we had some teams falter. Our 5th round these week was a math round, The Number After 2, with most questions being a math problem that had a 2 in the answer where we were looking the number after the 2 in the answer. After the last question in our math round, it turns out the most teams need to brush on on the periodic table as well.

After all was said and done our winner, Trivia Newton John, led almost start to finish, with the exception of our Math Round. The final score had Trivia Newton John one point ahead of 2nd place. When asked, her response was, " I only knew one horse constellation." Turns out one was enough.  Oh yeah, not only was one question enough, but one team member was enough. Our wining team consisted of just one member.

Trivia Newton John

Monday, August 10, 2015

Four Pegs Recap 8/9/15

We had another great game of trivia last night at Four Pegs. We had two teams tied at every turn last night and had to resort to a tiebreaker to settle it. It was very exciting! Like most games, things started out strong for most teams, scoring very well in the first round. Our second round was rough on a lot of the teams. Apparently, the crowd last night, were not big fans of  The Simpsons.

             The Simpsons

Our Picture Round in Round 3 was a chance for most of our teams to rebound moving into the 2nd half of the game. Things stayed tight for the whole game for most of the teams. Our Urple round was not as much fun for most teams as it sounded. Apparently, everything purple is not high up on everyone's priority list. After everything was said and done we still had two teams tied for first place, P.K. Mafia & Cocaine Cowbears. So we went to a tiebreaker.

With a guess of 3300 km, Cocaine Cowbears took the win. 

Cocaine Cowbears

Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Fun

Hello friends! This is yet another installment of Friday Fun Trivia Breakdown. Welcome aboard to the wacky realm of uncovering trivia mysteries. I have picked a trivia question from the Tuesday night round (Dundee Gastropub! 8pm!) and lets see what we can find out!

This week I'm doing something a little bit different. I picked a question from the picture round! It was a picture of Adam Sandler! I think everyone got it right because his image is burned into our brains at birth. For me, Adam Sandler brings up a more philosophical question: why does everyone hate Adam Sandler?

I began my search with a quick google search that revealed many others are confused as well. There were a ton of Yahoo Answers and odd websites all asking the question. Many were confused, how could you hate the Wedding Singer?

Many critiques on Adam focus on how he is old news, lazy, one-dimensional, and plays the same role over and over and over again. I kept reading different articles with the same complaints but halfway through I realized they were all about different movies. Every review is different but every review is the same.

Sony hates Adam. Actors in his movies hate him because he's racist and he's sexist. He's coming to netflix and we all hate that. His latest movies have flopped so hard I have never even heard of them (Blended? The Cobbler?). His latest film, Pixels flopped as well and according to a critic is "Much like the worst arcade games from the era that inspired it, Pixels has little replay value and is hardly worth a quarter." Ouch! Ouch!

I'll be honest, I hate the guy. Lots of people hate him, really. Why does he keep making movies? Why on earth would you hire this guy? In reality, Sandler is just laughing at the critics all the way to the bank. People still love him and his movies that do terrible still succeed somehow (mostly through DVD sales! ha!). Anyways I'm sure he seems like a good guy.

See y'all around kids. If you want more movie related information, please look into why the new Stonewall movie is terrible

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Dundee Gastropub 8/4/15 Recap

It was another great evening at Dundee Gastropub! Everyone was slightly dripping from the storms and we didn't have to worry about anyone using their phones because of all the cell outages. We all hunkered down and enjoyed a few rounds of good ol trivia.

It was a hard few rounds for the players with a low scoring game. In fact, the last round, all teams only scored two points! They were some hard questions though, so I'm withholding judgement (you should too!).I mean who really knows how many toes an ostrich has? Who knows what tubetini is? It is the coolest word to say though, tubetini. Say it with me now!

 The winners for the evening were the well named team AT&T End Times. Here they are pictured, doing something weird with their hands. I guess that is what winners do. 

See y'all next week! Stay dry and stay connected!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tuesday Night Recap - Molly's 8/4

It was an interesting night at Molly's starting with some behind-the-scenes mishaps and some crazy weather. We lost our power cord for the sound system. It just vanished. Luckily, it was easily replaced in time to start the game. We had a downpour moments before the game began with harsh lightning all evening. That's not something you like to see when you're holding a wired microphone for two hours.

The game itself was fairly straightforward, but we did have a team stand out from the rest. We Don't Know dominated the first four rounds with a perfect game. They missed two questions in the fifth, and barely held onto the lead at the end of the game (and if you ask the second place team, who lost by only three points, it all came down to bad wording on a Round 6 question).

Folks seemed to enjoy the Possessive Movie Title round, despite the trick question of Monster's Ball vs. Monsters, Inc. or University. The Pee Wee's Big Adventure audio clue brought audience participation, applause, and laughter. That's what we aim for!

I forgot to get a photo of the winning team tonight with my own camera, but I did take a picture with one of theirs, so maybe they'll post it. I did grab a shot of that Granita I was enjoying. Mixed berry and rum? Thank you, I'll have another!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Four Pegs Recap

Brandon was back for another great round of trivia after a weekend off. We had a strong start for a couple of teams with several teams coming in at 9 for the first round. Our Famous Doctors round was meet with cheers, but not the scores to back it up. I think our crowd was hoping for a Dr. Who round and not famous Doctors. We will know for next time. The picture round saw an increase in scores with a lot of teams getting close to a perfect score.  Our "Pen" is Mightier round was a crowd favorite. If you have never seen the SNL clip, I would highly recommend it. Funny TV, PG, but funny. Our "G" ology round was great. It is amazing how many of the answers looked the exact same in our contestants handwriting! We had an extremely close game going into our last round with most of our teams being within 10 points of each other. Sadly, the last round was a rough round with the high score being a 25.

After all the questions were answered and all the score tabulated it was Forever Alone & Friends back at the top of the leaderboard.

Forever Alone & Friends - Winners once more