Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Dundee Gastropub 8/4/15 Recap

It was another great evening at Dundee Gastropub! Everyone was slightly dripping from the storms and we didn't have to worry about anyone using their phones because of all the cell outages. We all hunkered down and enjoyed a few rounds of good ol trivia.

It was a hard few rounds for the players with a low scoring game. In fact, the last round, all teams only scored two points! They were some hard questions though, so I'm withholding judgement (you should too!).I mean who really knows how many toes an ostrich has? Who knows what tubetini is? It is the coolest word to say though, tubetini. Say it with me now!

 The winners for the evening were the well named team AT&T End Times. Here they are pictured, doing something weird with their hands. I guess that is what winners do. 

See y'all next week! Stay dry and stay connected!

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