Monday, August 24, 2015

Four Pegs Recap 8/23/15

We had another GREAT night of trivia last night at Four Pegs! The bar was packed with trivia teams. It was great to see. From the start we had good scores across the board. It would be hard to pick a round that was the crowd favorite because everyone scored really well. After the first two rounds it looked like the game would shape up to be a two-horse race with two teams fighting all the way to the finish. In the end the winner was crowned by less than five points. After having a tie for almost every round out winner, Forever Alone & Friends, finally took the outright lead when it was needed.


Forever Alone & Friends
On a side note. I would like to apologize for everyone in attendance last night for my atrocious Rain Man impression. I am sorry you had to sit through that multiple times.  - Brandon

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