Monday, May 4, 2015

Playing Catch Up: A Weekly Recap

Last week was busy. Just plain pull-your-hair-out busy. Derby week usually is in Louisville. To top it off, we've got this crazy idea to host a special event for Star Wars Day, which took up even more of our precious time. Hopefully that event goes off without a hitch tonight. So, here are a few quips and a few pics from last week's games.

Wednesday night at Molly's and The Bard's Town we had some special Derby questions, and there was a high variance of results. Most teams seemed to liked it, but one team at Molly's wrote "horse racing is cruelty to animals" on their answer sheet. Fair enough. At The Bard's Town, we had an issue with the betting question and the word "profit." Our mistake.

The 70s music round was a challenge too--many people recognized the songs, but figuring out the artists was a lot tougher. It was also nice to see that we were back up to our normal number of teams this week after Waterfront Wednesday. Molly's winning team The Odd Squad requested no paparazzi, so there's no photo of them this week. At The Bard's Town, Six Hour Peacock snagged the win by a nose.

Six Hour Peacock throwin' up gang signs.
On Thursday, or Thurby as we're apparently calling it now, we had our regular game at DiOrio's and a brand new game at a brand new venue. It was apparently a tough game with some lower than usual scores. At DiOrio's team Bork dominated every round except the last one, but still walked away victorious by a single point.

Also on Thursday, we welcomed Jill to the team as she hosted our inaugural night at Great Flood Brewing Company. We're working on perfecting the sound, and may move our setup, but overall it went fairly well. We had seven teams finish the game with Pepcid Posse in the lead at 60 points. We're looking forward to seeing you fine folks again this Thursday.

Pepcid Posse

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