Thursday, May 28, 2015

Playing Catch Up

It's been a busy couple of weeks. We're working on getting some new venues and many of us have been doing some early-summer traveling. Schedules are nearly back to normal, so maybe we'll jump back on the blog a little more often. We're also working on a couple of new ideas for the blog and we're hoping to revive Movie Monday and Fun Fact Friday very soon. Until then, here's a quick recap of a few games from the recent past.

Last night was Waterfront Wednesday, the one event in Louisville that completely and consistently drains attendance at trivia. Both Molly's and The Bard's Town had 10 teams. A truly sad showing.

The Blues round was very polarizing! Teams either loved it or hated it, which is a huge improvement over last week's one hit wonders of the 60's, which was so universally hated that it is safe to say, everybody is tired of one hit wonders in the music rounds.  There won't be any of those for a long time.  The movie mash-up round was a hit!  Even if the teams didn't get the answer right, everyone enjoyed the storylines.  Overall, a great and fun week!

Over at Molly's the winning team was What Appears to be a Drawing of a Penis.  They took an early lead and never let go.  With an insane score on the last round like the one they had, we're not entirely convinced they have an actual baby in the carrier but a Google computer disguised as a baby!  Secret weapon perhaps?

What Appears to be a Drawing of a Penis

At The Bard's Town, Say Our Name, Bitch won the game by 11 points. We didn't get a picture, but you can see their winning photo from last week posted below. They've won plenty of times. We had a tie breaker for second and third. Even though they didn't win (they placed fifth with two other teams), He Liked It and Put a Ring on It was by far the best team name this week. Congrats to the newly engaged couple, Anna and Michael.
Say Our Name, Bitch

Tie Breaker Question: Did you know, according to something we saw on the History Channel a few years ago, if a man uses a cell phone for four hours a day, on average, his sperm count decreases by 25%? Who knew? And we've got no clue if that's 25% reduction each day or over his lifetime. That's just the number given to us by that random TV show.

Tuesday night at The Granville it was a very close game. For the bulk of the game almost all of the teams were within 5 points of each other. Stephen Hawking Karaoke Machine started off strong with 2 perfect rounds. The first 2 rounds went over well with everyone as we had really good scores in those rounds. Things slowed down during the picture round, but it was a hard fought battle until the very end. Murder is All She Wrote took the game in the last round after playing second fiddle most of the game.

Murder is All She Wrote
At Molly's on Tuesday, it was a good match up and one of the two teams with Duggar-themed names (19 Counts of Molestation and Counting) ended up winning after scoring 37 in the final round. We got a kick out of The Moops, though. Not surprisingly, people especially enjoyed the beer round, though the Brewer/Brewster question stumped a lot of folks, as did the beer that made Milwaukee famous.
19 Counts of Molestation and Counting

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