Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Star Wars Trivia Night

Yesterday marked the inaugural Star Wars Trivia Night. We had 15 enthusiastic teams in attendance, and these folks were all ready to win!

After a quick summary of the rules, the game began with a relatively easy General Star Wars Trivia round. Fourteen of the 15 teams scored a perfect 10, even with some prequel questions thrown in. Some of them probably used a Force Sticker to reach that perfect score.

In between some of the rounds, we played quick mini-games while the scores were being tallied. The first mini-game was a Sound Like Chewie contest. Though the competition was fierce, Scott proved he was the closest thing to everyone's favorite fuzzball.

#starwarstrivia mini-game Sound-like-chewie
Posted by Louisville Trivia on Monday, May 4, 2015

Scott (on the right) sounded the most like Chewbacca (Image via Jessica Hayth)

Round Two was all about the Original Trilogy. Eight teams scored perfect in that round. Planet names, alien races, and foreign languages threw some of the teams off.

Round Three was the Picture Round. We had seven perfect scores in that round.

Can you answer these 10 questions?
After Round Three, we had another mini-game; Star Wars in Pop Culture. Four names were drawn from our raffle. Those folks were brought on stage, handed buzzers, and asked pop culture questions related to Star Wars. First person to five points won. Apparently the guys we pulled from the raffle don't like Spaceballs or Star Wars puns. After 12 questions, we had our winner.

The Pop Culture Champ (Images via Jessica Hayth)
Round Four was an audio round, asking questions like "Who said this," "Name that movie," and "What's the thing that should be pointed elsewhere."

"Hey. Point that thing someplace else!" (Screenshot)

There were four perfect scores in the audio round, and it was the last round in which any team got all answers correct. There were some sound issues, but the folks in the bar area were diligent and creative in trying to hear the clues.

Round Five was the Behind the Scenes Round. Questions became increasingly more difficult as the round progressed, leading to a question that most teams got wrong. "Nearly all the actors from the original trilogy continued acting after the films. Which actor (or actress) has had the most success if measured by the box office gross from their post-Star Wars filmography?" The answer may surprise you.

Warwick Davis (Image via Star Wars/flickr)
After Round Five was our final mini-game. Alphabetical Star Wars characters. Apparently, jumping up on stage during a specialty trivia night is just as terrifying as trying out for "Jeopardy!." We made it to the letter "D" before our first contestant dropped out. Then we made it to "G." The winning character was General Dodonna.

We made it to C-3PO, then it all went downhill. (Image via Jessica Hayth)

Thank you, General Dodonna! (Image via Jessica Hayth)
Round Six was the final round of the evening titled Jedi Mind Tricks. Designed to be the toughest round of the night, each correct answer was worth five points. Final words, orders of succession, and landing platforms stumped a few teams. At the end, we had to do two tie-breaker questions. One for third place and one for first/second.

Tie-breaker with Tauntaun Rescue Ranch and
This R5 Has a Bad Motivational Poster (Image via Jessica Hayth)

Star Wars Trivia Night Winners
This R5 Has a Bad Motivational Poster
(Image vie Jessica Hayth)

The winning team was This R5 Has a Bad Motivational Poster. As voted by The Bard's Town staff, the Best Team Name was Uncle Owen's Fried Chicken.

Louisville Trivia would like to thank The Bard's Town for supplying the venue on a day they're normally closed. We'd also like to thank The Destination and Andrew Heath for supplying the prizes for the mini-games. And lastly, we'd like to thank Jessica Hayth for taking photos throughout the evening.

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