Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cinco de Mayo Recap

It was Cinco de Mayo last night, which means the crowds were a bit smaller, but we still have a few teams show up who weren't interested in the typical tequila shots and Mariachi music vibe.

At Molly's, the game went fast. With only 11 teams, it was one of the smallest crowds we've seen in a while. I maybe more focused because as I was finishing my regular bourbon and ginger ale one of the teams bought me another. Much appreciated!

The State of TV was a big hit overall, and we'll be doing that round again this week. The audio round, which was a request by one of our teams, was enjoyed by everyone who was alive in the '80s, but at least one of the teams was too young to remember many of the songs. Round Five "In Da Club" was a surprise hit, with the lowest score at 7 points. We had no clear winner throughout the game, as the lead kept changing hands. In the end, We Don't Know grabbed the win with 39 points in the final round.

We Don't Know
It was a hectic game over at The Granville. The first three rounds went well. The music round was fun, but somewhat challenging. We had a VERY rowdy crowd show up later in the game that made the last two rounds very tough, but we got through it. For some reason the crowd hasn't been connecting with the questions as well as in the past resulting in some lower scores. If you have ideas to why, let us know! From the first round, winning team SPIT seemed to dominate the game. Unfortunately, no winning team photo this week.

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