Friday, January 23, 2015

DiOrio's Recap - January 23

Last night saw the end of the Famous People Anagram run (thank goodness) and the return of PJ. With the holidays and some traveling, it's been five weeks since he hosted the quiz. It's good to have him back. 

Maybe that's why the place was packed. DiOrio's isn't exactly a big venue, but we fit 18 teams in there. Team Low Ballin' snagged the win with 97 points, which is a DiOrio's record!

We had an interesting challenge about our Monopoly round. We said Connecticut has the highest per capita income of any state in the US. Someone challenged with Maryland. They have the highest median income. Sure. But the answer to our question is clearly Connecticut. And it has been...for a while. Also, Maryland is nowhere to be found on the Monopoly board.

Completely devoid of "Maryland Avenue"

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