Monday, January 19, 2015

Google-Proof Trivia - Movie Monday #3

Google-Proof Trivia is our way to offer you guys a trivia fix outside the bar. We currently only do one style of game each week, but more ideas are being ironed out. If you have suggestions, throw them our way. The first person to post the correct answer here on the blog, over at Facebook, or on Twitter, wins that week's Google-Proof Trivia. Win five Google-Proof Trivia rounds, you get a prize of questionable value.

Movie Monday – Below are five screen shots of five well-known movies. The challenge is to identify a sixth movie based on these screen shots. It’s three-fold. First, identify the movies. Then, identify the relevant cast member from each movie. Once you have both of those, figure out the sixth movie that all five cast members have in common. It's not going to be easy. It’s Google-Proof Trivia.


  1. Answers:

  2. Correction: Bob Gunton was not in the first Ace Ventura movie (the image used). He was in When Nature Calls. Even with the error, Jeremy Smith was still able to deduce the correct movie.

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