Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Last Night's Recap - January 6

Tuesday trivia is back! We played the game at Molly Malone's and The Granville. Oddly enough, there was a team called Tequila Mockingbird at both locations. Is there something we missed, or is this just strange coincidence?

The first round was (in our opinion) too easy. We'll work on that. Several of you guys must have tuned out last year, because the year in review round was a killer. The average score for that round was 4.8.

There were a couple of challenges. How did Steve Buscemi's character in Fargo really die? Was it an ambiguous death? Will we ever know? And in a speedy decision at Molly's last night, we decided to accept Pocahontas as an answer for the last question. That decision was, sadly, wrong. The baptism of Pocahontas was represented on the BACK of the $20 bill. Our question asked what historical women have been featured on the FRONT. Luckily, this didn't change the outcome of the game.

The team name of the week (month/year/eternity?) was the Scott Gibson Fan Club.  Well done.

The Nerds put up a good fight at The Granville, winning with a tie-breaker. Cloverfield of Dreams won at Molly Malone's with a whopping seven points more than the second place team. Congratulations to our winning teams.

Here's a little something to warm you up on this miserably cold day.

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