Thursday, January 8, 2015

Wednesday Night Recap - January 7

Annie's back and Chris* is here to stay! There were some technical hiccups at The Bard's Town, but with the help of The Bard's Town's own Scot, we got it all worked out. That PA system will forever be an enigma.

Drinkers Not Thinkers secured the win at Molly's. Kevin Bacon and Eggs took the lead at The Bard's Town. And we're full speed into a new season of scores.

*A little note from Chris after his first night: "I had alot of fun hosting trivia for the first time last night. Nathan Stalvey, you were right, The Bard's Town players are a super fun group of people; also they take no prisoners! There were a couple rookie mistakes made by me and there were some technical snags that will be ironed out by next Wednesday. Thank you to Louisville Trivia and to Scott Gibson for giving me this opportunity, I look forward to this in the months ahead! Also, thank you to The Bard's Town players for your patience and we'll see you all next week!"

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