Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Molly Malone's Recap - February 3

We had a lot going on tonight at Molly Malone's. There were two basketball games on the TVs and the place was full with 19 teams. There also happened to be several Super Bowl-themed team names and a few very specific Katy Perry/Shark team names.

The first few rounds went fairly well. There was some confusion about the "Birthstones" round. That usually happens with a themed picture round. We'll work on it. (Next week should prove to be interesting...) Round 4 was hit or miss. The average score was 5. Round 5 was the real doozy. Movies from before 1990. Average score? 3.1 In Round 6, we learned about Enterprise, Alabama and the devastation and redemption caused by the boll weevil.

Tonight's winning team, Jumping the Left Shark, dominated the final round and walked away victorious. Can they do it again next week?

Jumping the Left Shark

Bonus video:

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