Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Last Night's Recap - February 24

We had another full house at Molly Malone's last night with 20 teams, despite the series finale of Parks & Rec (thank you DVR!). The first round was a tough one. The average score was 5.75. The pace quickly picked up with Big Birdman grabbing the lead until the final round (a common problem for that crew). Bye Bye Lil' Sebastian, a team who saw second and third place throughout the game, dominated the final round and took home the win.

Over at The Granville, we had a good rebound crowd from last week's snow. The teams started out a little slow in round one with lower scores. The Honeybadgers were the first to comeback. The Inspiration round was a good round for most teams. Last week's winners, Hit It and Acquit It, made a late run, but it wasn't enough to take the win from the Honeybadgers.

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