Thursday, April 23, 2015

Last Night's Recap - Darn You Waterfront Wednesday

One of the great things about living in Louisville is that there is always something to do. Last night's weather was amazing and just so happened to be the kickoff of this year's Waterfront Wednesday. How do you compete with that? Attendance at trivia was a bit lower than usual, but we deal.

We had a fun game (don't we usually?) Chris was back at The Bard's Town from a nice trip to California, we had a one-hit wonders round from the '90s. It was just magical. One woman at Molly's yelled out "RUMPSHAKER!" when that song started to play. We let that one slide.

Team 309 was a no-show at Molly's, so we had a new champion creatively named Ice Bank Mice Elf. At The Bard's Town, frequent winning team Six Hour Peacock grabbed the win.

Ice Bank Mice Elf

Six Hour Peacock

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