Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wednesday Night Recap - Tax Day

Yesterday was the last day to file taxes in these great United States. As we often do, we designed a theme around that fact called "Cold. Hard. Cash." All-in-all it wasn't the best round we've ever done, but there were a ton of pop culture references, which made it fairly easy for folks. And who knew the Hungry, Hungry Hippos even had names?!

Over at Molly Malone's folks got a kick out of the picture round and Terrible Music round. Round five, which is designed to be a bit tougher, tripped a few people up. That's what we like to see. Team 309, going by the name Chipotle Burrito Bowl and 7 Limes, is the team to beat. They have won eight of the last 10 games they've played, they dominated the first five rounds this week, and there's no end in sight. We need someone to step up and challenge these guys next week!

At The Bard's Town, Chris took a hiatus to join Mark Hamill at the 2015 Star Wars Celebration. Scott took over hosting duties for the week with help from Jill, the newest addition to the Louisville Trivia team. Just like at Molly's, most of the teams enjoyed the picture round and the music round. In fact, there was some debate about just how terrible, or how amazing, some of the songs were. Round five was tough. Round six was probably a little too easy. We'll try to fix that for next week. Grumblecakes, the evening's winning team, started off with a great lead, faltered in rounds three and four when just about every other team did better than them, but that didn't matter because they came back in round six missing only one question. They were so confident, a team representative started the victory lap to grab the gift card well before it was announced they'd won.


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