Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Quick Recap from 4/21/15 - Molly's and Granville

We had several new teams at The Granville, thanks in part to a very enthusiastic patron. One of our new teams actually took the win tonight, Smart Belwas. SPIT had the most points, but had 7 players so they did not qualify. Overall it was a great night.

Smart Belwas

At Molly Malone's we had 20 teams, several of which were new as well.  The Six Letter P Words round was a big hit. The Picture round of albums featuring animals on the covers was hit or miss. Some folks really enjoyed it, while others grunted and groaned as they turned it in. In the last round, folks were split when asked about an inscription about liberty.

Liberty Bell Inscription (click to enlarge)

At Molly's, there was quite a lot of competition, but in the end, Troll Toll gained the lead and walked away with bragging rights, even though half the team left before grabbing the gift card or a quick picture.

(half of) Troll Toll

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