Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Fun

Welcome again to Friday Fun! This is a trivia breakdown post where I select a trivia question from the week (from the Thursday game- join me at Goodwood! 7:30!) and investigate the realm further. I trudge up weird facts, terrifying back stories, and give you more trivia to school your friends in.

Let me start off with saying I love sports! It's one of my most favorite thing to watch, engage with, and investigate. If you see me around please argue with me about LeBron (Cry Baby) James, the glory of Teddy Bridgewater, or the terror of football crop top regulations. I have an undying love for basketball and football; and if I am being honest, an intensive hatred of baseball (I'm sorry!). Funny enough, the question of the week is in regards to baseball...

This is the fifth question from round one:

Q: Boston Red Sox third baseman Pablo Sandoval was benched for a game after admitting to doing what while using the bathroom during a game?
A: Checking Instagram

Ah, yes, getting in trouble at work for using your phone. Just like you and me- how quaint. Just kidding, Major League Baseball doesn't have salary caps. In fact compared to us, their work is a whole different ball game (haha!). Without further ado, here's my investigation into the social media policies for major league sports.

Most teams have limits around what the players can say (don't use our logo! don't be racist!) and when they can say it. The majority of the leagues have a set time before and after the game that prohibits any use of phones in general. Times range depending on league anywhere from thirty minutes to hours to until press obligations are fulfilled. Further, other people can't tweet or post for you during the time limitations.

Here are some uses of social media that went wrong:

Back in 2009 when Antonio Cromartie was with the San Diego Chargers, he got fined $2,500 for tweeting about the team's "nasty food."

Former Bengals' player Chad Johnson (previously Ochocinco) wanted to find a way to tweet during the game so he devised a plan for a fan and him to communicate using hand signals and the fan would post for him. Sad to say: this still violated the rules.

Special shout out to LeBron James who has a self imposed playoff social media blackout and yet still found himself on instagram liking a pic. His impact is so big that the woman in the photo will now be pursing modeling (and no she isn't quitting school! I did my research).

Have a good weekend and try to stay out of internet trouble. See you next week!

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