Thursday, June 4, 2015

Goodwood Brewing Recap 6/4/15

Tonight was the first night at Goodwood Brewing and there was a lot more laughter than there were right answers! Just kidding, some teams got some answers right. Participants struggled through categories on dynamic duos, sports, and words with "ex" in them and didn't hesitate to glare at me in confusion!

There was one question that made me want to look up some more information: the physical characteristics of what famous duo known to preschoolers everywhere are modeled after an orange and a banana? This of course is Bert and Ernie; not, as one team guessed, "spongebob and squarepants." Upon some light research I learned that a pair of high-energy neutrinos were named after Bert and Ernie. I don't even know what that really means but it sounds important!

Anyways, special shout out to team Oooh Baracooter for coming out to trivia every week (apologies for my mispronunciation but I did make it up by saying it five times in a row at the end!). Our winner for this evening was team Killer Tomatoes (pictured below). They got a great swag package from Goodwood Brewing. Come out next week and let me make fun of your terribly incorrect answers!

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