Thursday, June 18, 2015

Molly Malone's Recap 6/17/15

Last night's game at Molly Malone's was a BLAST! Brandon stepped in to cover hosting duties for a smaller crowd or 9 teams. Despite having a smaller group it was a lively group. We were able to play a side game of "Make the Host Giggle" for some prizes and the teams did not disappoint. We had some good scores in the first couple of rounds, but it wasn't until the picture round that we got our first perfect scores with several teams getting all of our talk show hosts. Our audio round was a big hit last night with several teams scoring well if not perfect scores. Nothing was quite as funny as hearing the entire bar singing R Kelly's Bump and Grind. The round was not without some controversy though. The Who song "Baba O'Riley" proved to be a tricky one with some teams guessing the incorrect name of "Teenage Wasteland". We then had a new team join us for the Literature Round. These three gentlemen must have been studying on the way in because they had a perfect score in the Literature Round.

When all was said and done after 6 rounds the score came down to one point. Our winner, Bad Toupee For President, pulled out the victory 66 to 65.  None seemed more surprised then them.

Bad Toupee For President

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