Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Twenty Three Teams on the 23rd

It was a busy night at Molly's last night. We had 23 teams playing the game and the place was packed! The first round was well-received, and we even had someone cheer about celiac disease, which was unexpected. The Not Related Picture Round was a big hit with an average score of 9.5. The space round had mixed reviews, but Jurassic TARC nailed it, which rocketed them to the lead (for just that one round). The O.K. Animals round started off fairly easy, but teams quickly realized it wasn't a cake walk. Katydid and Komodo Dragon were the most-missed answers. Teams did fairly well in the final round, but it was I Guess 7 Is Enough that took away the win with a total of 91 points (47 of which were gained in the last round).

I Guess 7 is Enough

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