Monday, July 13, 2015

Four Pegs 7/12/15

Four Pegs was the place to be this Sunday! We had a packed house. We had returning teams and a lot of new faces as well. Round 1 went well for most teams. When we got into round 2 and ran into a snag with our first couple of questions about movies with colons. Apparently, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise all us colons in their titles so there were several correct answers. Even with this ambiguity the scores were kinda of average. With the number of teams we had this week we actually ran out of picture forms for our picture round and had to get creative so that everybody could play. We did discover that Robert Guillaume looks a lot like Don Cornelius, at least according to several of our teams. Our Ladies Night audio round was hit and miss, some teams loved it, some didn't. We had a close game going into our last round. Our game was decided by one question. With our winner Bear!Bear!Bear! pulling out a victory.


Our trivia host, Brandon, also learned an important lesson about fulling reading the questions. The question was supposed to read, "Name the FIRST 5 countries with a McDonald's franchise besides the US." The question asked was, "Name a country with a McDonald's franchise." Our last question went from having 7 possible answers to a possible 118, HUGE difference. Which makes it a little easier than we had originally planned. Sorry about that.

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