Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Granville Update 7/7/15

Last night proved that you don't need a large crowd to have fun with trivia. Our game started with another patron of the bar offering to buy a beer if anyone could answer his sports question. After several rounds of open guessing the teams threw in the towel and our host earned the free beer. We only have 3 teams playing last night and for awhile we had the whole bar to ourselves. The first couple of rounds went really well for everyone with the scores being extremely close. Unfortunately, we lost steam in the music round. Our contestants had trouble with our midnight round, even when giving the chance for extra points. Coincidentally enough all of our teams had similar troubles so our scores were still very tight going into the last round. Our game was decided by one question. Our second place team got the question correct and then marked it out for the wrong one opening the door for our winner, Better Late Than Pregnant.  Next week is our Tournament, but we will still be having trivia at Granville for those who are interested.

Better Late Than Pregnant

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