Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Fun

Hello friends! Welcome back to the weekly installment of Friday Fun Trivia Breakdown. Here we give you weird information and wild back stories from the past week's trivia questions! This week I am pulling from Thursday's game. Next week I will probably pull from our Trivia Tournament. Are you going? Join us on July 14th (next tuesday) at Dundee Gastropub at 8pm. I will be there! Yell at me about sports or your feelings!

Anyways, lets go. This week the fourth round was all about detective fiction. Instead of pulling from one question, I wanted to selfishly focus in on my own favorite detectives. I love murder mysteries (even more than sports!). I love building them, watching them, playing them. Here are some fun facts:

Did you ever watch Diagnosis Murder (1992-2001)? It was on CBS and then it was on PAX (which became Ion? who cares) and then it was on Hallmark and now it lives on in terrible quality on YouTube. The show followed Dick Van Dyke (a doctor) and his real life son Barry Van Dyke (a cop) as they solved crime in their insanely crime ridden town somewhere on a beach.  Apparently Barry's son Shane was on the show at one point which really that is just too much. There were eight seasons, some movies, and hundreds of guest stars. I was watching it the other day and Melora Hardin (Jan from the Office) definitely killed somebody.

None of that is important, what is important is that Dick Van Dyke's life was saved by a pod of porpoises. Apparently one time he was surfing and somehow fell asleep on his board (???how????) and awoke so far away he couldn't see the shore. A swarm of fins surrounded him and instead of death he got a team of porpoises that pushed him back to shore. Dick Van Dyke is so important that even the ocean life knows his immense value!

More mysteries: Have you played Her Story yet? (I joy cried the whole way through!) Have you heard of the Mysterious Package Company? I didn't tell you about it! I didn't!

See you at the tournament! And until next time please remember: you will never be as cool as Dick Van Dyke.

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