Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Fun

Welcome back to another round of Friday Fun Trivia Breakdown. In this weekly post I pick a question from a round of trivia this past week (join me on Thursdays at Goodwood! 7:30!) and do my own research. I pull out random facts, wild back stories, and just plain weird information. It's a fun way to learn and expand your ever growing trivia knowledge!

Once again I'm interested in sports (surprise!). This is question number eight from round five:

Q: What is the only NFL team to never use a logo on their helmets?
A: Cleveland Browns

Helmets! Mascots! Oh me oh my! This of course makes sense, as their mascot is some dog named "Chomps" which honestly just begs the question why? I guess Chomps makes more sense than a mascot that is literally just the color brown.

Although the Cleveland Browns will not be becoming the Cleveland Chomps any time soon, they did just make a radical change in their uniforms and helmets. Are you ready? I don't think any of us were prepared for this complete 180. Prepare your eyes for this unbelievable change:

I have truly been shook to my core! I must ask, what brought on such an intense change? According to their site: "The orange is brighter and richer and matches the passion of our fans and city. The brown is unchanged." What a truly wild ride. Glad they got that passion.

While Cleveland is pulling out all the stops, some teams drag their feet when it comes to changing any thing about their team. Lets talk about the Washington Redskins. Now they are not the only team with a terribly outdated (when was it ever a good idea?) and racist mascot, but they are most likely the most hated. There is an entire campaign against them. Etsy has banned sales of any items with the name or mascot. Going even further, the Obama administration will likely block the team's ability to build a new stadium because of the name. If even the president is calling you out, maybe you need to rethink some things.

In other sports news, why did no one tell me about Diddy? He swung a kettle ball at one of the UCLA football coaches! What in the world is going on!

Til next week, try not to fall asleep watching baseball or golf. Maybe I won't talk about sports next week, maybe I will. See ya soon!

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