Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tuesday Night Recap - Molly Malone's

It was another busy night at Molly's and a great start to the new season. The team names, while fairly great, were somewhat predictable given the state of current events. Jared from Subway and Bill Cosby were the butt of many jokes.

The first round went well with some fairly high scores throughout. Not enough people knew about Nancy Drew's hometown, though. Round Two gave the group a little R&R, the night's second mention of Robert Redford, and some info about the Hood to Coast Relay Race. Round Three was all about Extreme Sports and a little Vanilla Ice, because why not? At the halfway point, The Revenge of Butt Mustache had risen above the competition and stood alone in the lead.

Next up was the Audio Round, titled "In the Middle of the Night," a title taken from Billy Joel's "River of Dreams," a highly underrated song in my book. The crowd was split (as is usually the case with audio rounds), but there was some common ground with hits like Patsy Cline's "Walkin' After Midnight" and CCR's "Midnight Special." The one that stumped the most teams was Coldplay's "Midnight," a rather haunting auto-tuned song from the band's album "Ghost Stories."

Given the (inter)national fame of Discovery Channel's Shark Week, Round Five was all about the ocean's greatest predators. Being a Round Five category, the questions were a bit tougher, including the question about Back to the Future II (see below) and the one about Damien Hirst's The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living.

At the end of Round Five, The Revenge of Butt Mustache was still in the lead, but only by one point. Round Six, as it is designed to be, was a difficult one. Teams struggled to come up with Hillary and Bill Clinton's granddaughter's name (some said Bart or Joe), the nursery rhyme characters taking a ride in a pea green boat, and the Three Principles of Planetary Motion.

In the end, Butt Mustache failed to achieve the first win of the season. That honor went to In Dog Beers, We've Had Just One, a team that had a strong start, a meager journey through the middle rounds, and a strong finish. The high score was 77.

In Dog Beers, We've Had Just One

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