Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Fun

Good day! Welcome aboard to this weekly edition of Friday Fun Trivia Breakdown. I take a question from the previous week, expand on the topic, and you learn valuable lessons. I'm now at Dundee Gastropub on Tuesdays at 8pm (come! drink! eat!) and so I'll be taking from Tuesday's questions.

This week we had some tough questions and I'm picking from the second round. This round was all about Human Anatomy (which I love! surprise!) and I selected question number three.

Q: According to reports, what part of her body has Tina Turner insured for $3.2 million?

A: Her legs

The weird world of body part insurance! Did you know this was a thing? I mean, it makes sense. It just seems pretty wild. How does it work and who else has insured some of their special parts? Lets find out.

First and foremost, the majority of the information we have on who has what insured is not certified true. A lot of it is coated in the language of reportedly and a lot of the sources I found directly conflict. Regardless it seems to be true which is honestly what news is anyways (nothing is real!).

Moving on: it seems a lot of companies and corporations will insurance you/your parts when you are under contract with them. For example, America Ferrara got her teeth insured for $10 million during her Aquafresh contact. If you want to insure your parts yourself, you'll have to shell out the big bucks for a "surplus line" to most likely a company over seas. Apparently Lloyd's of London has facilitated some of these weird celebrity insurance policies. 

Anyways here is what some people insure:

Jennifer Lopez - Butt - $300 Million (This has been denied? sorta?)
Mariah Carey - Legs - $1 Billion
David Beckham - Legs - $70 Million
Michael Flatley -Legs - $40 Million
Keith Richards - Hands - 1.6 Million
Bruce Springsteen - Vocal Chords - $6 Million

What would you get insured? Are our normal body parts worth anything at all? Questions to contemplate as we stare longingly into the terrible Kentucky sun, waiting for the humidity to swallow us whole. See ya next week!

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